Create success together

Enjoy success and personal growth

We will lead you through your training. Each module builds on the previous one. Your sponsor will accompany you through the process.

The hajoona Business Academy is designed for all of our team partners, and provides training to hajoona’s current and aspiring managers. Training is available to all team partners, and supports you in your personal progress.

The practice-oriented training courses are divided into three levels. The levels reflect the knowledge you have acquired so far, the position you have reached, and your level of experience.From beginners to successful Diamonds and Presidents, from personal development to team building – at the hajoona Business Academy you will find selected, effective and practical tools and training courses for successful people.


Tailored support

As a manager at hajoona, you can enjoy a development programme tailored to your needs. Here, our most successful managers can request to go through a 360° feedback process. Based on the results, we work with you to decide how we can best support you.

Tailored training à la carte – because we want our partners to be successful and have the opportunity to realise their dreams of luxury and freedom. Your training at hajoona has a market value in the five-figure range.