Every goal requires thoughtful planning

Success can be planned

At hajoona, success is no accident. It can be planned. We provide you with a range of tools, guides, training, webinars and many other aids, all of which have been tried and tested by us for years. Their practical suitability has already been proven. They have already helped thousands of hajoona team partners to build their own businesses in a structured, sustainable and successful way. Your sponsor will accompany you on your way and guide you step-by-step through our wheel of success.

We are active in all european countries

Every week, you can invite your prospective customers to business meetings being held in your region. The teams meet once a month on a so-called Super Saturday, where the hajoona philosophy and product concept are presented in a professional setting. Many speakers and executives will also share their concepts of success with you and tell you about their practical experience.

The international teams come together at hajoona’s major events. More than 1000 participants regularly attend these events, where hajoona’s shareholders present the latest business developments and present new products, or well-known speakers give you new ideas for your business.

When it comes to training, we have our Masterys courses ready for you right from the start. The Masterys provide you with all the tools you need to successfully build your business in a structured, effective manner. As a team partner, you also have access to the extensive internal area of the website, which provides you with dates, sales concepts, team partner manuals and marketing plans, guidelines, product documents and other useful information.

Join the h-Team. We look forward to meeting you!